Punta Mita, A State-Of-The-Art Infrastructure.

Punta Mita's infrastructure, facilities and amenities are being constructed in accordance with the highest international and ecological standards. It is the principle goal of DINE, owner and developer of Punta Mita, to create the finest master planned residential community in Mexico, exceeding international standards as well as the expectations of its exclusive clientele.

The infrastructure and services installed or planned for Punta Mita meet or exceed the standards of modern upscale resort and residential communities.

WATER - Both potable and irrigation water are supplied to Punta Mita by a number of developer-owned deep wells. The water is transported to Punta Mita via impermeable pipes that have a total capacity of 50 gallons per second. At Punta Mita, water is filtered on-site at a special purification plant and is drinkable from the faucet. Irrigation water is stored on site in a man-made lake until needed.

PHONE LINES - Phone service is provided via fiber optic cables. A sufficient number of phone lines are being installed so that every residence may have two or more phone lines for telephone, Internet, and fax services.

INTERNET ACCESS - High-speed Internet access available to all home sites, via either cable or telephone service provides, with in-residence wireless networks readily available.

ROAD SYSTEM - Local roads are currently being modified to make the trip to Punta Mita a safe and comfortable one. By using material from the project site, Punta Mita's road structure blends in with the natural surroundings and takes on the earth-toned, "washed concrete" look of the region.

ELECTRICITY - Mexico operates on the same 110-volt-60 current as the United States. The Federal Electric Commission provides electricity to Punta Mita from a power plant located in close proximity to the project. Sufficient capacity has been installed to supply power for Punta Mita through build-out, with plans to install additional capacity as needed.

NATURAL GAS - All residences will be supplied with natural gas.

SEWER SYSTEMS - To eliminate on-site wastewater, a number of water treatment plants will be installed over time as the project demands. In keeping with DINE's commitment to ecological preservation, no wastewater will be discharged into the ocean. Instead, the treated water will be recycled and used for irrigation on the golf course and landscaping.